Alpcool Solar Air Conditioner

World’s Only Budget, Human & Eco-Friendly Solution For Air Cooling

Finally, The #1 Revolutionary AC Solar System
That Uses Hot Water To Produce Cold Air!

  • 90% Less Electricity Consumption
  • 90% Less Sound Emission
  • No Greenhouse Effect
  • Protects Your Solar System Of Overheating
  • 100% Sterile – It destructs ALL viruses (like Covid 19), Bacteria And Yeast In The Air Conditioning System
  • Gives Your Self-Produced Hot Water More Added Value

Are you trying to survive the blazing hot days during the summer?

 By dealing with all that heat, you are probably facing severe-health related issues like heat stroke, dehydration, dry eyes and skin, reduced energy, and efficiency…

Not to mention the high humidity in the air that affects your ability to concentrate!

To make the thighs even worse, the allergens in the air (like pollen, mold, dust mites…) will probably cause frequent asthma attacks among your family.

The chances are, to survive the summer, you are probably searching for some kind of standard air conditioner that usually burns family budgets for electricity bills…

But don’t even think about wasting money on a conventional air conditioner, before reading this until the end, because you can make a costly mistake (that will cost you more than just money)!


Ordinary Air Conditioners Can Lead To Serious Consequences For Your Family Wellbeing And Can Cost You More Than You Know
(…And Not Just Money!)

One research from the International Energy Agency (IEA) has shown that today’s consumers are NOT buying efficient air conditioners, which puts the wellbeing of their families in a very prominent DANGER!

But it’s not their fault.

Most of them are not aware of the facts you will discover today, so they are making uninformed and wrong decisions.

On the other hand, BIG profit-oriented, chemical producers are doing everything they can to SUFFOCATE the non-toxic, smart, and cheaper air conditioners in the competitive air conditioning market.

The Inefficiency Of The Ordinary AC = More Unnecessary Costs For You!

Although air-conditioning equipment is used in 87% of homes in the United States, the average efficiency of air conditioners sold today is less than 1/3 of the best available technology.

According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), air conditioning takes VAST 27% of home energy expenditures of the households in the hot regions, costing them a HUGE average cost of $525 per year.

Which is the proof of the inefficiency of the conventional air conditioners!


Conventional AC Are Causing Serious Environmental Implications!

Another research from the International Energy Agency (IEA) states that supplying power to ordinary ACs not only comes with high costs but also with environmental implications due to their greenhouse gas emissions.

Do you know that most of the greenhouse emissions in your home are generated by your air conditioning system? The added high electricity bill and the loud noise from it is just a bonus!


Energy Demand For Space Cooling Will Triple In The Next 3 Decades And Skyrocket The CO2 Emissions


If we don’t shift from ordinary AC to more efficient Air Conditioners and address the huge AC energy consumption, the energy demand for space cooling will triple in the next 3 decades – consuming as much electricity as China and India together today.

The vast energy demand will put enormous strain on electricity systems in many countries, not to mention the skyrocketing CO2 emissions.

 Not a nice “present” to leave for our future generations! 🎁

The question is:
How to contribute to achieving this Efficient Cooling Scenario, improve the wellbeing of your family, reduce your costs, and protect the environment at the same time?


The Answer Is Innovation!

Introducing Alpcool – Swiss Revolutionary Innovation In The Air Cooling Industry

Dear friends, meet Alpcool Solar Air Conditioner – Swiss innovation designed to provide safe, effective and efficient alternative for air cooling.

After 7 years of intensive research, relentless testing, and proven work, we proudly announce the most unique solution in the world of air conditioning, that uses absorption cooling technology to produce cold air out of hot water!

Innovated by highly educated and reputable Swiss and German engineers and tested by rigorous USA experts, Alpcool brings an entirely new dimension in people’s lives.

This sophisticated Solar Air Conditioning System not only provides you with cold air during hot summer days, but also saves you money, and protects the environment.

Based on an absorption cooling system that harnesses the natural solar energy from the sun, Alpcool converts hot water into cold, quality air (hence, increasing the value of your solar water collecting system).

You can run Alpcool without ANY maintenance costs (that is, no more than 0 USD per year), it doesn’t require additional modifications to utilize the hot water from solar tubes, and its elegant and compact design will perfectly fit in everyone’s home.

Alpcool Is Not Evolution, But Revolution Into The Air Cooling Field!

Now you have the chance to pre-order the world’s only air conditioner that guarantees Alps coldness in your home while saving you money and protecting the environment at the same time.

How Alpcool Stands Apart From Other Conventional
Air Conditioners Available On The Market

Unlike any other Air Conditioning system on the market, this Swiss AC innovation extends solar water heater usability and produces cold air from hot water in a 100% safe way.

Apart from its cutting-edge design with the most advanced air cooling technology in the market, Apcool enables you to:

  • Save up to 90% on air cooling electricity bills
  • Enjoy up to 90% less noise during operation
  • Contribute to a healthier environment

Now, let’s see how Alpcool solar air cooler blows other conventional air conditioners
‘out of the water.’


Main specs of Alpcool Solar Air Conditioner

Main specs of other similar Air Conditioning products

Cooling [Btu/h]



Sound Pressure [dBA]

2 dBA

20 dBA

Cooling [kW]



Cost per kWh

0.037 USD

0.139 USD

Annual cost



*dBA – Decibel A-weighting, a sound level unit.
*Btu/h – The British thermal unit per hour is a traditional unit of heat.
*kW – Kilowatt, an International System of Units designation for power equal to one thousand watts.

⬇️ Less Electricity Consumption


⬇️ Less Sound Emission


C02 Emissions/Other Greenhouse Emission


Yearly Maintenance Costs

High Environmental Responsibility & Stewardship


(Alpcool is a 100% eco-friendly solution that prevents depletion of the Ozone layer and restores the ecological balance!)

Unlike any other AC, Alpcool has NO CO2 emission or any other greenhouse gases emission, cuts down air pollution, and DRAMATICALLY reduces the demand for electricity, which enables you to promote HIGH environmental responsibility and stewardship!

Investing in more efficient AC like Alpcool is a PROVEN way to cut down the future energy demand in half through mandatory energy performance standards implemented in this innovative AC technology.

Utilizing Solar Thermal Energy & Solar Water Collectors

(Alpcool solar air conditioner produces clean and green cooling by utilizing the power of the solar thermal energy)

In a nutshell, the revolutionary Alpcool solar air cooler uses the hot water from the solar vacuum water collectors on your roof to produce cold air with ZERO modifications to your existing solar collectors.

Do you know that most of the water is entirely unused in the storage water tank (even after all showering and washing)? Now you can save BIG by putting it to better use for air conditioning.

By implementing our unique patented approach, this innovative, next-generation solar air conditioner takes solar technology to the next level!


Drastic Energy & Economic Savings


(Alpcool energy-efficient air conditioner optimizes energy savings and reduces operating costs by up to 90%)

This proven  Alpcool solar air conditioner allows you to add comfort to your home in a totally economic manner by sharply cutting your cooling bills.

The system is incredibly easy to install and use so you can get started on saving money and lowering your energy usage with no hustle whatsoever.

Stay cool without ENORMOUS electricity bills!

Switzerland Engineering & High-Quality System In Place

(Swiss Made – High Quality, Safety, Reliability)

Another distinctive feature is that Alpcool is engineered with high-quality, CH standards and internationally recognized Swiss quality systems in place, designed to optimize your household performance, while you will enjoy uninterrupted cooling.


Ultra Quiet AC Operation For Unique Comfort


(Reduced noise levels by 90%)

With 90% less sound emissions, Alpcool will cool your indoor environment in an extremely comfortable and quiet manner, so you won’t even notice its operation.

Flexible Cooling Process With New Technological Breakthrough

(The whole process of producing cold air is very flexible.)

By using Room Temperature Ionic Liquids (RTIL)  and high quality vacuum parts, the absorption cooling pair can already be regenerated at 68 °C.

Basically, Alpcool’s absorption chiller dissolves the vapor in an absorbent, and transfers the resulting product to a higher-pressure environment using a pump with a very low electricity consumption.

Flexible enough, isn’t it?

Plus, as an added benefit, thanks to the advanced cooling technology, overheating of the tube collectors is COMPLETELY avoided with Alpcool. So you won’t have to worry about ANY damage of your solar collectors due to excessive temperatures in the system (when the sun is very high).


Alpcool’s Tax Deduction Secret


You are probably asking yourself what air conditioning has to do with a tax deduction?

Well, that’s another BIG advantage of Alpcool solar cooling system.

According to the Energy Star U.S. government program, absorption cooling devices (solar cooling) such as Alpcool are capable of providing tax advantages to customers.

This means every American resident who buys Alpcool (if he pays taxes) can deduct the costs of procurement for a certain tax period.

In our specific case, 22% of the acquisition costs up to commissioning 1/1/2022 are deductible from federal taxes in the USA.

But that’s not all, in addition, you will get a BIG FAT 0% sales tax!

Who Is It Alpcool Solar Air Conditioner For?

  • Alpcool solar AC is a perfect solution for people in tropical and subtropical areas (Southern California, Florida, Texas, Hawaii, etc) who are looking for a cost-effective air conditioning solution for their home or office.
  • Alpcool is also an excellent choice for people who are looking for a higher added value from solar thermal energy when using hot water for the production of cold air.
  • Alpcool solar AC goes with buildings that have their own hot water collectors on the roof (solar system with Vacuum Tubes or Vacuum System for producing hot water)

The solar-powered air-conditioning system Alpcool is ideal for the following types of buildings:











When do you need Alpcool air conditioning? Summer, of course.

When is the sun shining the strongest? Summer.

Throughout the year, solar thermal output and thus air conditioning output, match building cooling requirements.

Now you too can cool your home or office space for ‘pennies on the dollar’, with most of the energy coming directly from the sunlight.


How Does Alpcool Solar Air Conditioner Actually Work?

Bring Fresh & Quality Cool Air To Your Home
While Saving Money & Protecting The Environment

Alpcool is making a significant technological breakthrough in the air conditioning industry, so you can:

  • Enjoy ideal temperature when spending quality time with your family at home (create a healthy & comfortable home environment by providing them a proper sense of wellbeing)
  • Breathe very best, clean air 100% free of allergens (pollen, mold, dust mites, etc.) … and never again fear asthma attacks.
  • Work, play, exercise, and concentrate better with the humidity in the air being taken care of (Alpcool completely dehumidifies your space even if you live in the most humid city in the world!)
  • Enjoy ultra-quiet AC operation (by lowering the noise levels by 90%, you won’t even notice that Alpcool is there)
  • Radically cut down your energy costs and save money with our low-cost air cooling system powered by the heat of the sun (substantially reduce your electricity bill for air conditioning by up to 90%)
  • Get advantage of the new level of AC efficiency – Alpcool solar air conditioner is designed to conserve power and operate reliably for more than 20 years.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce demand for electricity and cut down local air pollution (GO GREEN and protect the planet!)
  • Improve the quality of life significantly, and …

Make A BIG Difference For Your Family And The Environment!

Swiss ‘Iron-Clad’ 100% Quality Guarantee 


Your pre-order is completely risk-free for you, and you can get on the waiting list even today without any worries whatsoever!

We are confident that Alpcool solar air conditioner is the perfect choice for you, so we are FULLY covering you with our “Swiss Quality Guarantee.” 

So now – you have no risk and no excuses to invest in the best environment for your family and nature!

No excuses now, because in addition we even offer a warranty of 20.000 OPERATING HOURS for our trustworthy Alpcool AC system! You won’t even find this warranty on any other similar AC.

This way, you have absolutely ZERO risks to pre-order and install the most efficient air conditioner in the world – Alpcool!

Pre-order The Brand-New, Next-Generation
Alpcool Solar AC System

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So we are releasing ONLY a limited number of Alpcool units in public with a ‘pre-order’ price.

Once the quantities have been pre-ordered we are going LIVE, but with a higher price.

So don’t wait or hesitate to get on the waiting list right now by filling the form on the right.

You have nothing to lose and a huge value to get!