Depending on the season and weather conditions of your area, region, or vicinity you reside in – your electrical bill and energy consumption can be highly affected.

If you end up consuming more electricity, obviously you have to pay a higher cost.
This is primarily due to the energy tariffs increasing over the years that burn a hole in our pockets.

In one case study, the US Department of Energy stated that air conditioning is responsible for 6% of the total electricity usage of the country (with an annual cost of about $29 billion to homeowners).

In fact, domestic households in the US have energy bills that go up to $238 per month, especially in the peak summer months. A significant proportion of these bills is solely due to the running of ACs as temperatures skyrocket.

energy consumption by states
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But what can we do?
Do we need to lower our AC usage, and thereby sacrifice our comfort in the blistering heat… just to save a few extra bucks?

Certainly NOT!

What if there is a way to reduce the prices of our energy usage so that our bank balance doesn’t take a hit, and we end up surviving the warm summer months?

Luckily there is a solution!

Today we will show you how to reduce your costs by using an energy-efficient solar air conditioner.

However, before we delve into the realm of solar technology, our first focus shall be about basic air conditioning tips for energy conservation – applicable to all forms of A/C units.

1.  Achieve Maximum Home Efficiency

air conditioning tips - achieve maximum home-efficiency with air conditioner

One of the top air conditioning tips is to achieve maximum home air conditioning efficiency.
This tip is going to dive into how every household tends to have the ability of NOT being energy efficient. In terms of your air conditioner, this means that the amount of coolness generated by the A/C escapes the room or is countered by the heat from the outside.

This makes it harder to cool the room and thereby leading to more energy consumption. Even with solar air technology, for more effective air conditioning of your home ecosystem, you need to make sure that the area is efficient enough to sustain the coolness.

Home efficiency can be achieved through the closing of doors and exits in the room where the A/C is installed.

In fact, around 76% of sunlight enters your house through the windows in the form of heat.
An effective way to reduce this could be to add blinds or shades to block out the sunlight and make a more effective atmosphere for cooling.

2.  Set Optimal Temperature Settings

air conditioning tips - set optimal air conditioning temperature

Many statistics tell us that if you keep the thermostat on your solar air conditioner to 25 degrees celsius for cooling in summer, it will keep your house as cool as compared to lowering it down to a super-low temperature.

Keeping a thermostat temperature at 25 degrees is more economical.
This is because going to a lower temperature does not result in faster cooling.

On the contrary, it results in higher power consumption.

3. Ensure Effective Solar System Design In Place

solar water heating system

When it comes to how much your air conditioning expenditure will cost, multiple factors have to be taken into account. This includes the electricity tariff in your area and the amount of power required per usage of your air conditioner.

But first of all, when you consider using a solar air conditioner, you need to analyze the design of the system.

Now when it comes to a regular solar air conditioner, people need to have a proper system design in place. This design needs to have solar panels placed at strategic locations around their roof or their house, to get maximum sunlight potential. This would lead to more power being available.

With more power generation, the solar air conditioner will end up more powered.

However, when using our cost-effective Alcool solar air conditioner, things are rather different. That’s because our system design involves a solar water heater on the roof that warms up flowing water.

So for the system to be effective and even more powered, it only requires having a solar water system that most of the households already own.

With this system design, you will get far more heat absorption and then better cooling.

4. Take In Consideration Your Home Location

Besides the system design for solar air conditioners, which plays a pivotal role in effective energy generation and electricity saving, a major component can be the location of your home.

If you are residing in a hot-humid and mixed-dry/hot-dry area, then our energy-efficient Alpcool solar air conditioner is fundamentally going to provide a lot of cost-effective energy production and will work with maximum efficiency.

8 US Climate Zones
Image source: https://iwae.com/resources/articles/climate-zone-matters.html

However, if you reside in areas with continuous rainfall or have your home in the shadow of a building and get lots of shade, then your overall systems energy production will be hindered.

If that’s happened to be your case, you can’t solely rely on any kind of solar air conditioner.

You will also get high costs from the electric company due to the lack of energy generation through the solar panels or any solar air conditioner technology.

For this technology to be efficient, you need to consider your home location.
It needs to be ideal to support the system.

5. Consider Using Solar Battery

air conditioning tips - consider solar water heater and solar battery
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Solar energy is very economical.

It creates a lot of renewable energy for your domestic household and air conditioning uses.

An average household can end up procuring thousands of dollars in electricity savings due to the long lifespan of the solar system and solar air conditioner technology.

We can note that solar air conditioners work primarily in times of sunlight.
However, when it’s nightfall the energy from the grid is used. This leads to some electricity costs being added to your bill.

However, if you have a solar battery that you end up storing your electricity to, the excess electricity that one can generate during the day can be stored. This stored electricity can be used at night rather than buying it from the grid!

This cheapens your entire operation.

It also becomes an investment with an assured guarantee of cost reduction.

Final Words

You’ll find different kinds of solar air conditioning around you. It ranges from solar air conditioners that are solely reliant on solar cells and batteries to hybrid inverter technology-based units.

However, our Alpcool solar air conditioning technology is unique.

It uses advanced absorption cooling technology that transforms the hot water into cold air with very low electricity consumption.

By switching to Alpcool solar air conditioner you will save a ton of cash, and you will pay off the system in a few short years. After that, you live basically FREE with 90% less electricity expenses from what you are paying right now.

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