With the COVID19 pandemic still going on, everyone is looking to cut the unnecessary costs.

One good place to start is looking at your energy consumption.
For an average home, nearly 30% of the household income goes towards meeting energy costs.

These costs can GO UP dramatically especially in the hot summer days when your air conditioning system needs to cool down your home in-door environment constantly.

But how can you beat the summer heat without large energy consumption and huge electricity bills?

Hint: it’s not the fan machine 🙂

Cut Down Your Energy Expenses Using Cost-Effective Solar Air Conditioning Alternative

Using a solar air conditioner is one of the best ways to bring down your home energy costs, and here’s why…

  • A solar A/C draws energy from the sun, which is limitless and free … meaning you will spend a lot less on energy consumption.
  • It ensures that you will pay off the entire investment you’ve made for the system, in just a few years.
  • It’s the best air conditioning alternative that’s environment-friendly, human-friendly, and budget-friendly.
  • Governments offer incentives to reduce the cost of solar air conditioning systems in terms of tax deductions, which can make it even cheaper to buy and install.

We are presenting you, our revolutionary, cost-effective Alpcool solar air conditioner that has all of these features, and so much more…


The Alpcool innovative air conditioning system is designed to use hot water from your solar water heater to generate cool quality air to keep your home cool during the hot summer months.

By using revolutionary absorption-cooling technology, Alpcool solar air conditioner is also proven to cut down your electricity bills (up to 90% in optimal conditions) while being 90% quieter than any other A/C on the market.

Another important benefit of using our solar air conditioner is that it DOESN’T produce any greenhouse gas emissions. You will be able to reduce your carbon footprint and play a significant role in helping save the earth from runaway climate change.

But let’s see why you actually need to use a solar air conditioner in the first place…

It’s Essential To Stay Cool In Summer – Here’s Why…

Staying cool in the summer is not a luxury.
It is an essential element for the safety, productivity, and wellbeing of you and your family.

By staying cool using an efficient air conditioner, you can totally avoid major health issues such as:

  • heatstroke
  • dehydration
  • headaches
  • dry eyes
  • dry skin.

Besides that, having excessive humidity during the summer affects your ability to focus on any task. With many people currently working from home and kids studying from home, it can lead to reduced productivity.

As a result, your kids might get lower grades in school, while your job productivity could suffer.

work from home heat no concentration

That’s why many people turn to their air conditioners as a rescue in those difficult days.

However, little they may know, the conventional air conditioners have several drawbacks such as:

  • Huge energy consumption
  • NOT being environment-friendly
  • Can increase the home energy bill significantly
  • Can pollute the air in your environment (due to their greenhouse gas emissions)
Learn more about the additional little-known issues from your ordinary air conditioner that can cost you BIG (and not just money).

Remember, staying cool at home during summer is essential, but not with a conventional, inefficient air conditioner!

How (In)Efficient Are The Conventional Air Conditioners?

One study found that around 87% of homes in the US have an A/C unit installed, but less than a third use the most efficient option. The other 2/3 consumers are not buying the most efficient A/C units.

The reason for this is the aggressive marketing tactics by the ‘big sharks’ in the air conditioning industry.

Most of the large, profit-oriented A/C companies instead of working to improve their units, they work to market their inefficient, fuel-hungry A/C units as aggressively as possible.

This contributes to a highly inefficient global cooling scenario (which will only continue to rise).

efficient cooling scenario if using air conditioning alternative units
Image source: https://www.iea.org/reports/the-future-of-cooling

Besides being highly inefficient and energy-hogging, conventional air conditioners also take a toll on the environment.

These units emit greenhouse gases, which leads to warmer summer days and erratic weather, rising global energy consumption to the sky.

If the current trend is not reversed, the energy demand by A/C units will triple in the next 30 years. And it will certainly lead to increased CO2 emissions, which will only make global warming even worse.

That’s why our efficient solar air conditioning technology is carefully designed to completely avoid all of these problems and to contribute to the Efficient Cooling Scenario.

But most importantly for you, the revolutionary air conditioning alternative – Alpcool is designed specifically to provide a cool, quality air that everyone in your home will enjoy during summer.

Enjoy Cool Quality Air With Your Family – 100% Free Of Viruses And Allergens

Besides being the heat in the most efficient way possible, Alpcool also sterilizes the air that’s entering your home. With current concerns about airborne viruses, such as COVID19 on the rise, staying safe at home is extremely crucial.

In addition to destructing all viruses, Alpcool solar air conditioner can also keep your home free from bacteria and yeast that can infect the eyes and nasal passages of the face.

Keeping the home’s air clear is especially important if someone in your family has asthma.

alpcool quality air protecting asthma attacks

The allergens in the air can cause a lot of problems in people and children with respiratory issues, so you need to make sure the air is 100% of allergens (such as pollen, mold, or dust mites)

Here you can discover how to protect yourself and your family from unexpected air conditioning health risks.

The Revolutionary System Of Alpcool Air Conditioner Solution

If we want to save the world of tomorrow, the solution is available today with our efficient air conditioning technology.

Alpcool solar air conditioner is a Swiss innovation that provides efficient and effective air cooling while keeping your home safe and reducing your energy consumption.


This solar air conditioner was created after 7 years of intensive research and testing. It relies on absorption cooling technology to produce high-quality cool air using hot water.

The unit has undergone rigorous testing by US experts to create a truly innovative air conditioner for the masses.

The Alpcool Solar A/C unit can run with zero maintenance costs and does not need any modification for it to use hot water from the solar tubes.

Also, you will love Alpcool’s compact and elegant design, which will bring the coolness from the Alps mountains to your home.

Final Thoughts

Alpcool is designed to cool you home at the lowest cost possible by providing the cleanest, high-quality air (free of viruses and allergens)

During these tough economic times caused by the COVID19 pandemic, any cost-saving solution especially in the summer is more than welcome.

Let Alpcool solar air conditioner be your best air conditioning alternative that will save you money, protect the environment, and improve the wellbeing of your family.

Contact us today for pre-ordering Alpcool.

Stay cool and frosty!