As the summer heat comes on, it would be worthwhile if we explore some ways to fight the astronomical air conditioning bills.

Especially, this year, when most of us are stuck in our homes due to the corona pandemic.

An additional burden due to this lockdown would be on our air conditioning units, which would be blazing all day long to keep our homes at cool and cozy temperatures.

However, this will mean that the electricity bills this summer will be abnormally high.

The Best Way To Cut Down Electricity Bills

Sure, you can easily find articles on the Internet recommending good practices to reduce the electricity bills. The bloggers or website owners can jot down obvious points on points, which to be honest, might add very little improvement practically.

While it is true that those little drops make a river, wouldn’t it be better if we actually make something that could make a greater difference?

Who doesn’t like quick results with less hassle? But those results usually don’t last long.

What you need is a long-term solution that can actually make a visible difference to the financial situation of your family.

The solution is simply going solar.

family going solar

Solar energy is one of the most promising forms of energy which is on the rise lately. More and more people are getting aware of the potential benefits of solar energy, and are jumping on the bandwagon.

A major part of electricity bills is undoubtedly the cost incurred by the air conditioning units we run in our homes. If we could control this one parameter, somehow, we might be able to better cope with the enormous electricity bills that stack up every summer.

But what if we could control it? Luckily there is a way…

The Real Cost Of Air Conditioning

To better understand the severity of air conditioning costs, let us break it down to run analysis over it.

Of course, there would be a number of factors that will ultimately decide the amount of your bill, such as:

  • the type and size of your air-conditioning unit,
  • the number of hours you run it for, and
  • the electricity prices in your area.

Without going into the details of how to calculate the power usage, the table below draws up scenarios and the corresponding prices incurred on air conditioning.

The price can easily go up to $0.25 per kWh of electricity used (or $8 per hour).

According to one estimate, air conditioning can increase the electricity bills by $50 – $150 monthly for an average house of 2500 square feet.

air conditioning usage examples
Image source: https://news.energysage.com/solar-air-conditioning-what-you-need-to-know/

You can expand this data further to find out how much electricity you consume in a month or annually by using your conventional air conditioner (and how much it costs you).

But to make things worse, recently, some studies were carried out which suggested that conventional air conditioners are not only harmful to the environment, but can also have negative impacts on the long-term health of the people.

The health endangerment is actually the HIGHER REAL COST many people pay with those conventional A/C units.

real cost of inefficient air conditioning

Apart from this, a majority of the air conditioning units are not compliant with international standards. Talking about their efficiency, they are known to be only 30% efficient, which indicates how much energy is put to waste.

Now that we have established that standard air conditioners are large contributors to high electricity bills and bad for the health and environment, it would be worthwhile to find any good solution to fix this situation.

And how good would it be if the answer to that question comes out to be solar energy?
No, we do not mean that you need to go all-solar.

Instead, there is an amazing alternative product in the market these days known as solar air conditioners.

There’s a New ‘Sheriff’ In The Air Conditioner’s Town

Solar air conditioners are a very promising product that’s entering the market.

It harnesses the energy coming directly from the sun and uses it to cool our homes.
Now, as the supply of sunlight hits the Earth is in abundance, the energy requirements for air conditioning are met quite easily.

Opting for solar air conditioners can also mean that you can run your A/C units for the better part of the day without having to worry about the electricity bills.

One company to offer efficient solar air conditioning systems is Alpcool!

alpcool solar air conditioner efficient solar ac

Alpcool’s team has come up with a sophisticated technology that is capable of high-efficiently using solar energy to power an air-conditioning system. This system is based upon absorption cooling technology and requires no maintenance, making it to work perfectly all year round.

Choosing solar-based air conditioners such as the Alpcool solar air conditioner can have dramatic results for your annual budget.

You can save up to as much as 90% on your air conditioning bills by opting for the Alpcool solar air conditioning system.

The fact that it requires only a one-time up-front investment, just like buying a conventional A/C unit (and no more monthly expenses required thereafter), ONLY proves how beneficial this approach can be for a longer-term.

The estimated cost incurred for per kWh of solar air-conditioning is approximately about $0.03, which is almost 10 times lesser than the figure we used for traditional air conditioners.

Moreover, the user doesn’t have to incur any more annual cost on the system in terms of maintenance, giving him an opportunity to save big-time.

While it indeed benefits a person by saving him financially, it also helps the environment in an immaculate manner.

Solar air-conditioners such as Alpcool are also super environment friendly as they release zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Talking about noise pollution, Alpcool solar air conditioner barely even makes a sound during its operation. The table below shows a short comparison between the two technologies.

 Alpcool Solar AC systemConventional AC unit
Cost per kWh$0.03$0.25
Sound/ Noise2 dBA20 dBA
Annual maintenance$0$50+

What Would It Mean To You If You Can Lower Your Air Conditioning Bills By 90%?

With the rising prices of electricity under these considerations, it would be safe to say that the best time to look for solar-based air conditioners is NOW.

Of course, the initial investment might be a little more as compared to conventional appliances, but the amount of savings for you will be truly remarkable. And after a short 3-4 years, the system will basically pay for itself, so you have nothing to lose.

Electricity bills are a major expense for everyone, and almost everybody feels getting strangled by the burden it puts on their monthly budget.

Now can forget about being a casualty of high electricity bills.

With more energy savings during this summer or the next, you can better prepare yourself for the situation by installing an Alcool solar air conditioner.

Contact us today for pre-ordering.