Frequently Asked Questions

What is a solar air conditioner?

  • Solar air conditioning refers to any air conditioning (cooling) system that uses solar power.
  • In the following video from SynergyFiles – Portal For Renewable Energy, learn everything you need to know about solar air conditioners that use solar water collecting systems to produce cold air and reduce air conditioning bills.

What is absorption cooling?

  • Alpcool is a solar air-conditioning system based on absorption cooling systems. 
  • The absorption cooling system is a heat-activated cooling system based on a solution absorption process. It is a great choice for solar cooling.

What is an absorption refrigerator?

  • Absorption refrigerator is a refrigerator that uses a heat source (such as solar energy) to provide the energy needed to drive the cooling process.
  • Absorption refrigeration technology was introduced to address some serious issues such as the energy crisis, increased fuel prices, and environmental problems associated with the conventional compression refrigeration systems.

How does Alpcool basically work?

Very simply put, the Alpcool is an absorption chiller that does not compress refrigerant vapor-like “normal A/C”; Instead, it dissolves the vapor in an absorbent, and transfers the resulting product to a higher-pressure environment using a pump with very low electricity consumption.

What is required for using Alpcool?

Alpcool only requires hot water collectors (pipes or boxes) on the roof and access to the normal electricity network.

How many liters of hot water Alpcool uses per hour for cooling?

  • For physical reasons, this question is very difficult to answer, since it has to do mainly with air humidity, pressure, and room temperature.
  • If we take the state of South Carolina, for example, and assume a pressure of 1014mbar and calculate at a relative humidity of 93% (subtropics) and a room temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and 35m3 to cool the room from 30 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius, we would add a hot water temperature (from tubes) of 69 degrees Celisus need exactly 344 liters of hot water per hour to carry out this cooling. 
  • Let’s take for example now a typical desert area like Silicon Valley in the USA which has a relative humidity of let’s say 51% Celsius at 1001 mbar air pressure and a room temperature of 30 degrees Celsius as well as 35m3 of space for cooling from 30 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees in Celsius we would at a hot water temperature of 69 degrees Celsius exactly 599 liters of hot water per hour are required to carry out this cooling. The high water flow consumption of Alpcool in dry heat areas is one reason why Alpcool is (currently) not suitable for this. 

How much collector space and storage tank is required for Alpcool’s normal work?

To be on the safe side, we recommend (for the tropical and subtropical areas of the USA) a collector surface (flat-plate collectors) of 6 or 7 square meters of collector space of tube-collectors together with a storage tank of not less than 500 liters (132 gallons).

How much space does Alpcool relate to?

We measured about 45 m2 room which is cooled right now of A/C between 1,4kw-1.9 kw

How much electricity per hour is required for the operation of the circulation pumps?

Alpcool would work without a problem with 300 watts an hour. 

Does Alpcool has inverter, batteries and controller?

Alpcool has an inverter and batteries for controller and controller.

Who is it Alpcool for?

Alpcool is a perfect air conditioning solution for people in tropical and subtropical areas (Southern California, Florida, Texas, Hawaii, etc)

For what kind of buildings is Alpcool for?

Alpcool is only for property users with hot water solar collectors on the roof:

  • Homes
  • Shops
  • Schools
  • Hostels
  • Offices