Poor indoor air quality is a serious health issue, especially now, when many people are working from home or generally spending more time at home during quarantines.

Studies have shown that people are spending over 90% of their lives indoors, and this sometimes can be a serious issue because there are dangerous indoor pollutant levels which can go 2-5 times higher than typical outdoor pollutants.

The related worrying fact is that annually 3.8 million people worldwide prematurely die from health-related issues attributable to household air pollution.

That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks indoor air pollution among the top 5 environmental hazards in America. The main reason is that the indoor air pollutant is the second leading cause of lung cancer and it’s responsible for 15,000–20,000 deaths per year.

Clean air should be everyone’s birthright just like clean water.

Unfortunately, indoor air quality can be compromised of air pollution, fungi, mold, dust, odor, germs, allergens, and lately, Coronavirus.

Coronavirus has taken over the whole world, and it has raised a number of questions regarding the use of air conditioners that may worsen the risk of infection.

Let’s see the correlation between indoor air quality and Coronavirus

Better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Decreases The Risk Of Coronavirus

women resting with good indoor air quality

The World Health Organization believes that the principal transmission mode of the Coronavirus is by respiratory droplets, which may travel up to 1 meter (3 feet) from someone who is coughing or sneezing.

But those droplets can also travel through your air conditioning system, where the indoor air in your home is circulated and can contribute to the spread of the Coronavirus (or any other airborne virus). The Coronavirus has the same traits as other viruses such as the common cold, or the seasonal flu which can be spread from person-to-person.

The airborne microorganisms from the viruses can be a usual appearance in the low-quality indoor air, but that’s not everything this contaminated indoor air hides.

There is another secret hazard associated with low indoor air quality.

Besides having a meaningful impact on human health, the toxicity of the indoor air can also impact the outdoor environment.

The indoor air, specially produced by the inefficient air conditioners can include ozonides, hydroxyl radicals or other volatile organic compounds that besides your health, can also harm the environment.

That’s why managing indoor air is a good starting point to save the environment and slow down the spread of COVID-19 (although it can’t entirely stop it).

By having a good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) you will be able to lower the infections in your home… assuming you are already following all the other WHO recommendations of staying 6 feet apart from each other and having good hand hygiene.

One-way to be proactive and protect yourself from viruses and getting sick in general is by improving your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

And the best way to do so is by replacing your inefficient, virus-spreading air conditioner with a more efficient air conditioner such as Alpcool Solar Air Conditioner.

Alpcool Solar Air Conditioner Destructs ALL Viruses In The The Air Conditioning System And Protects Your Health


The old, inefficient air conditioning systems are notorious for providing biological growth for the microorganisms and their perfect opportunity to form and grow.

That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is suggesting that running an efficient HVAC system can be part of a larger plan to protect those in your home.

By having a high-quality and efficient air conditioner such as Alpcool solar air conditioner you will be able to breathe cleaner, fresher, and healthier air.

Alpcool Solar A/C perfectly fits into your larger plan to protect your family at home. That’s mostly because it involves several factors that significantly contribute to the health, safety, and wellbeing of your family members.

These areas can include:

  • Optimal humidity
  • Best built-in filtration
  • Air purification options
  • No hazardous gas emissions

By combining all of these features, Alpcool can help you to make a significant improvement in the indoor air quality and lower the virus-risk level for you and those closest to you.

Maintaining An Optimal Level Of Humidity


One recent study from The American Society for Microbiology has shown that low humidity levels (below 20%) can contribute to the transmission of the flu, coronavirus, and other airborne illnesses. But, on the other hand, higher humidity (over 60%) can also create an environment for potential health issues.

By keeping the humidity at an optimal level, Alpcool solar air conditioning system prevents the viruses from surviving on surfaces for a longer period of time.

Best Built-in Air Filtration

Alpcool air filtration system uses an extra-fine, carbon-fiber sieve that can significantly reduce the transmission of allergens and other larger particles in the air. And the best part is, it doesn’t require any maintenance whatsoever.

Our solar air conditioner operates reliably without any yearly maintenance, so you need to forget about the regular filter change or any other kind of expensive monthly maintenance.

By installing Alpcool solar air conditioner in your home, you will ensure high indoor air quality.

And with its air purification features, you will get rid of the dust, allergens and other larger dangerous particles in your home, once and for all.

Protecting The Environment With No Hazardous Gas Emissions


Alpcool solar air conditioner doesn’t emit any greenhouse/C02 gas emissions that harm the ozone layer. By doing so, it protects the environment and reduces your local air pollution.

The European Public Health Alliance is warning people who live in polluted areas that they are at higher risk from COVID-19. The reason is because air pollution can cause asthma, high blood pressure, or chronic diseases … and COVID-19 can have serious consequences for people with these health conditions.

So by installing Alpcool solar air conditioner, you will indirectly help the environment, reduce your local air pollution and protect your immediate health.

Going Beyond Effective Air Conditioning For COVID Protection


Although improving indoor air quality with Alpcool solar A/C is a good starting point, you need to make sure to always follow the best COVID protection practices when it comes to protecting yourself and others from the Coronavirus.

The recommended practices that experts have agreed upon still remains here as well:

  • Wear a mask,
  • Thoroughly wash your hands,
  • Keep an appropriate social distancing
  • Maintain a clean environment in your home with excellent IAQ

While no air conditioning system can ensure 100% safety and protection, we are fully confident that Alpcool solar air conditioner can go a long way in your fight against not just coronavirus but any other viruses and illnesses out there.

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