Modern technology is rapidly changing the world and the way we perform our tasks.

Most of us are glad that we live in a technologically advanced and interconnected world because it opens a possibility to work and earn for a living from the comfort of our home, even during the restrictive quarantines.

Today we all can enjoy the benefits of remote work from home (of course, if the job allows it) because we can:

  • avoid long commute time,
  • save office space, and most importantly,
  • preserve our health by reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection.

However, the work from home shouldn’t be taken lightly because you have to tailor your working environment for maximum productivity.

And your productivity can easily suffer if the room temperature in your home office is too hot, especially during summer.

Temperatures in the hot-humid areas such as Florida or Texas in summer can soar to the point of producing heatwaves. This can lead to harder working conditions at home, poor cognitive abilities, risk of dehydration, or even heat stroke.

When the room is too hot, you will automatically lose focus because your brain will start reminding your body to fix the hot temperature. That will lead to constant interruptions in your work and a significant drop in your productivity.

In addition, you can start feeling overheated, tired, or sleepy – which doesn’t bring bonus points to your boss 🙂

The next logical step is to attempt to cool down your home by opening a window. However, that action can easily backfire because you might draw more warm air from outside.

Another negative outcome from your open window is increasing the glare from the sun, making it harder to focus on your screen, and inducing eye strain.

To make things even worse, the outside noise, traffic, and bad air entering through your open window can be very disturbing and can increase your stress levels.

So the right solution is to use an air conditioner that can cool down your room and make things ideal (or maybe even worse?)

Using An Air Conditioner To Improve Your Productivity – Is It A Good Idea?


Keeping your indoor temperature consistent is one of the most important factors because fluctuating temperature lowers the productivity and jeopardizes your health.

Having an efficient air conditioner can set optimal temperature for working at home and can address the issues related with humidity and air quality.

But not all air conditioners are efficient. The bad ones can make things 100 times worse.

There are multiple health-related issues that come from running an inefficient air conditioner which can only worsen the air quality at your home office.

As a result of the poor air quality, you can:

  • get a stiff neck
  • feel uncomfortably cold,
  • get dry eyes, and scratchy, dry skin…

Soon enough you will start working more slowly or sloppy, you can even put on weight or get sick.

Of course, there is a good solution that ‘makes things ideal’.

But before revealing it to you, let’s first see the correlation between indoor air quality and productivity, conducted by professors from Harvard.

The Correlation Between Indoor Air Quality And Productivity


If the air quality at your home office is at a high level, there will be fewer pollutants in the indoor air and there will be much more oxygen.

A higher level of oxygen will improve your brain function and cognitive performance.

One study done by the professions from Harvard University and Syracuse University has shown the true connection between the indoor air quality and productivity.

The professors put 2 groups of employees into different simulated office environments with various levels of carbon dioxide, emissions, and ventilation.

The employees who were put to perform tasks in “green” conditions (good ventilation, lower carbon dioxide, and emission levels) performed around 60% better than the employees who were tested in a regular office environment and conditions.


In the second phase of their study, they discovered that green-certified buildings are responsible for 30% fewer headaches and respiratory problems for their employees. The employees have an additional 27% boost in performance on cognitive tasks and even slept better at night.

This is strong enough evidence telling us we have to improve our indoor air quality at home the best we can, so we can work more productively and feel better.

And the best way to improve the indoor air quality at home is to use an energy-efficient air conditioner such as Alpcool solar air conditioner.

Why You Have To Use An Effective A/C Such As Alpcool When Working From Home


  • Improving concentration – If your body is not comfortable at the room temperature when you are working on your computer or laptop, the brain stops concentrating and focuses on cooling your body down. So your overall work performance will suffer and drop significantly.
    Alpcool solar air conditioner helps your body to feel more comfortable in summer when working from home, so you can have good concentration when working.

  • Managing complex tasks (that require more brainpower) – When the room temperature in your home office is at an optimal level, you will be able to work more efficiently and finish your complex tasks with ease.Alpcool solar A/C controls the room temperature at the most optimal level, so your brain will work with maximum performance without any distractions from the heat.

  • High air quality – Efficient air conditioning contributes to high air quality in your home office. It can also help you avoid common issues such as headaches, dizziness, and inability to focus, which are strongly related with poor air circulation.Alpcool air conditioner filters the air, improves the air circulation drastically, and destroys the toxins from your indoor environment.

  • Saving money with lower energy bills – Your electricity bills can lower significantly if you are using energy-efficient air conditioners at your home office, so you will be able to save a lot of money.
    Alpcool energy-efficient air conditioner works on the FREE solar energy from the sun, which transforms the hot water from your solar water heater into cold, quality air. Needless to say, this whole process will save you a lot on electricity bills, so you will enjoy up to 90% less electricity costs.

  • Dealing with mold and odors – If your indoor environment is highly humid, the mold can be a big problem. It may cause you to feel sick even if you are not really sick. If the mold situation at your home office is left unresolved it can create a significant productivity drop or other more serious health issues.
    Alpcool solar A/C unit successfully deals with humidity and mold, so your home office will never remain too humid, and you won’t have to deal with mold ever again.

  • Great ventilation – Many people working from home or office have issues with ventilation. The poor ventilation can be either too stuffy or too drafty, which leaves the air too humid or too dry. It can also carry some unwanted odors.
    Alpcool air conditioning system has a great ventilation mechanism which ensures that the air in your home or office is always at the optimal level, with the highest quality and perfect coolness.

Alpcool Solar A/C Will Highly Increase Your Comfort And Productivity


Balancing the temperatures in your home office with an effective air conditioner such as Alpcool is a surefire way for increased comfort and productivity.

And by circulating cool and fresh air in your home, Alpcool will maintain the exact temperature at which you work best, so you can enjoy your working day and become more efficient.

Also, our modern, attractively designed Alpcool units are extremely compact and incredibly quiet, so they can keep you cool without distracting you from your work.

Pre-order Alpcool today and enjoy maximum comfort and productivity when working from home.